BF2 server managers and remote managers

droid droid at
Thu Jan 20 18:05:41 EST 2005

Ok first time sending out on here but got a few things.

1. anyone know if they will release with a remote manager and server
2. I really found one of the main problems with running  A linux BF42,DC,DCX
server is and was the server manager. IF you used the one with came with the
server install it ran ok but ppl had a hard time administrating the server.
As the rcon commands were long and at times confusing .. Long learning
curve. BBO came out with a great fix to this with their first remote
manager. But when they started doing the server manager and remote manager..
Many problems were found with many many server crashes and head aches. But
with a much more GUI friendly way to admin your server. Will their be a tool
from EA/Dice that will do this? And be friendly? 

3. On that note Has their been any change at all to EA/Dice releasing a
LINUX Server Version?

If this has been brought up and discussed before sorry and could some one
forward me the email if so.

Thank you

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