[bf1942] Hello?

Stefan Engbersen stonex at freebsd.nl
Mon Jan 10 11:44:09 EST 2005

Not my theory, just stating my opinion. And what happened to BF42 in the 
beginning is exactly my point, they know they made a mistake by not 
developing a BF42 linuxserver from the beginning, in fact I think it 
wasn't even dice who made the first unstable bf42 linuxservers and they 
are making the same mistake again.
Till now there are no plans for a linuxserver for BF2, like Andreas 
said, so god knows when we'll get one? Again when the game is already a 
year old? (first well stable enough release).
Point is also servercompanies might suffer from this, many refuse to 
place Win32 servers, simply because its a securityrisk and it takes more 
work to administrate in general. So the scenario will happen again, that 
BF2 servers will be extremely expensive (like bf42 in the beginning) 
because there is not as much competition as with linuxservers on the market.
Also the goodminded linux administrators are taken the opportunity to 
get themselves into the market when the game is released and the 
Micro$oft minded people are given the advantage.
In my opinion, Dice gets totally no credits for BF2 if they handle their 
strategy like this. Sorry :)

Best Regards,


Sebastian Kleye wrote:

> In the beginning of bf42 there were no linux server either and most of 
> us know the difficulties (and not only on the server-side) this game 
> had to master but it stood strong in the community because of it's 
> unique gameplay. For bf42 the linux server was announced from the 
> beginning and it came soon after the release (ok the first versions 
> were not that brilliant as it is now but it was a step in the right 
> direction after all). So even if there is no linux server on the 
> release date, there will be one soon after. There are enough people 
> who host windows-based servers to bridge the short wait for the linux 
> server.
> So please stop telling your armageddon-like chaos theories and wait 
> for the bf2 release (which isn't even exactly determined). DICE Sweden 
> forever! :)
> regards
> Sebastian

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