[bf1942] Content checking new EA custom maps

Andrew Von Niederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Feb 23 13:50:52 EST 2005

I'm not 100% on this but i believe it has to be run on both the server and the client (backup your files first) and the maps must contain the needed line in the init.con

DIR\Bf1942.exe +game [modname] +restart 1 +generateMapListForCrcContent 1


this creates a bat file in\

DIR\getcrc-[mod name].bat

after you run it the ContentCrc32.con is created in the BF1942/modname/ folder for all the maps in the levels directory.

this can take about 2 hours to run on as it goes through each and every map and basically loads them up in bf42 to get the crc info.. (its probably easier to run it on 1 machine, then just use a text editor to append the client machines)

i'm guessing that both the server and client's contentcrc32.con entry for a map has to match for them to be runnable in the Puremode.. (eg.. the client can have more maps in his contentcrc32.con as long as the 1 map entry is the same as the server)

the only issue is this would have to be run on every single client who wants to connect to your server in pure mode..

if BF42 had an easy mechanism that it could just append new maps (someone could probably write something to do that) and it did it when bf started up it wouldn't be a problem..


but for now it has to be done manually..

ofcourse don't quote me on this, this is my best guess but maybe with some testing later this week it will work itself out..



From: Anton Jansen [mailto:gradius at fmf.nl]
Sent: Wed 2/23/2005 2:19 AM
To: bf1942 at icculus.org
Subject: [bf1942] Content checking new EA custom maps

Hi list,

Does somebody know how the content checking could be enabled for the new
released EA custom maps
? The current release does not some to include the required
content check CRCs ... 

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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