[bf1942] Punkbuster (Was: How could DICE agree to this??)

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Wed Feb 23 11:39:23 EST 2005

We've been getting those dreaded "connection problems detected". Server
restarts don't help, and ECGN claims our resources are fine. CPU maxing at
about 60, ram at over 1gb free....What kind of lag are you guys seeing? Ours
appears as the connection problems box, and lasts a few seconds usually. A
few nights ago it was so bad that it occured every 10-15 seconds for hours.
Restarting the process did nothing, but pingplotter and other probes from
all over the states, UDP, TCP, and ICMP based all were totally friggin
clean. Network looks FINE, which is driving us batty here. ECGN just
suggested attempting disabling PB, and after reading these as well I suppose
we will try next time it gets bad.

BFV 40-slot

I'd love to start a ticket with EB over this, but I suspect it will be hard
to populate our server without PB, and it's hard to pinpoint exactly what
part of the game is lagging up, ya know? My last ticket at EB got a big
issue fixed (pb losing track of players in slots numbered greater than 32 or
so), and I do have some faith in them, but this is a tricky one...Has anyone
started a ticket on it?


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Terrible lag where none was there before.

I have checked our boxes resources and nothing is out of range.

It has been driving me crazy!

Please let me know if it is PB as this lag is causing me much grief.

If it is PB I will disable it as well.


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On 2/22/2005 7:46 PM, Neal Clayton wrote:
> 2) An improved engine that doesn't suffer horribly from lag caused by
> punkbuster

Speaking of which, has anyone else had reports of really bad server lag
in the last couple of weeks? I'm not talking network latency.. one of
our players has a network ping of 9ms, so that's not it.. he (as well as
many others) have complained about the server apparently running
sluggishly. Server cpu never goes over 40%.. I watched the console and
the server FPS was high, and utilitization reasonable.. On a whim, I've
disabled PB and so far, the reports seem to have indicated that the
problem is solved, although I'm not willing to take this as 100% proof
yet.. Mmm, 100% proof.. er, anyway, has anyone else seen similar behaviour?


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