[bf1942] No CTF in BF2?

Thomas Kuerten nospam at oddlnet.de
Tue Feb 22 15:50:49 EST 2005

I totally agree with you.

It's just my opinion that we should wait and see what it is like and 
then discuss about it after it has been released.

There's no reason to believe that the developers - or even big EA - 
would listen to anything written in here, so we are just all talking 
about the same wishes to each others like children talking about Santa 
Claus' presents to come. That does not impress or help anybody.

I think a good game is something special that comes by coincidence (or a 
good developer team that has come together - but thats coincidence 
mostly also) every 10 games or so - independent of who develops it, and 
seldom striking at the same company. If nobody here is developing 
him/herself, then all we can to is wait. Or create something ourself.

All this nagging about some details that we don't like to be or that we 
would like to have are irrelevant to the outcome. If the resulting game 
is imbalanced, it will vanish fast. Or be changed with several patches. 
Hell, this was done with BF1942 also.

The only alternative I can think of is a community written game that 
fulfills every desire and wish of everybody, but that would require 
everybody who's nagging in here to take a constructive part and 
contribute with program code. Which - inevitably - will not happen. (And 
and would take an infinite time to accomplish)

We should be grateful for BF1942. It has become a singular great game, 
part of it because of Dice and EA, part of it because the community 
created what they didn't get in the first place for free. Even the Linux 
support was done (by the moderator of this list, btw) with loads of 
efforts from a community member. Why do you expect that anything will be 
different the next time ? Teams come together once, they cange over 
time. Information is lost. Mistakes are repeated. Thats the world we 
live in. Thats reality. There's no way to change it other than to do 
something yourself for the community.

Oh well, no I've become completely pathetic myself. Sorry ;-)



Lee Latham wrote:
> i think the strong feelings have to do with extreme potential 
> dissappointment, because bf42 rocked and we would all like to see the 
> successor game rock, too, because we (or i at least) would love to play 
> the game it could be.
> At 01:30 PM 2/22/2005, you wrote:
>> Hey, the whole BF2 game is just Desert Combat with some additional 
>> whistles and bells. What do you expect ? The coming of the messias ?
>> I really can't take all this pathetic stuff in here anymore.
>> Nobody forces you to buy and play it !
>> On the other hand, this is still the BF1942 mailing list. Haven't 
>> heard a lot about this subject for a long time now. Any new patches ? 
>> LOL.
>> Greetings,
>> Thomas.
>> Brigham Stevens wrote:
>>> The project manager posted (and I don't have the URL but it is on 
>>> planetbattlefield somewhere) about how the new ranking system turns 
>>> the game into an MMO without the 10$ per month fee.
>>> Right... and a 64 player server cost how much?   Anyways, I emailed 
>>> him to plead the case for CTF and not having lockable weapons... They 
>>> can keep their rank as far as im concerned but lockabale weapons are 
>>> STUPID. What, are we going to have generals running around the 
>>> battlefield with a BFG? Or will it just be a reveolver with perl 
>>> handles?
>>> Anyways, let's just hope the modding potential is good so EA can have 
>>> their game and we'll have ours..... I guess the last thing I'm afraid 
>>> of is they broke the stats worse than with bf1.6 because they want to 
>>> be the only stat providers...  I assume they did not diminish any of 
>>> the stat features!
>>> Lee Latham wrote:
>>>> They'll just end up doing it after release after the uproar when 
>>>> it's not there.  If that's true, my guess is that an incompetent 
>>>> project manager is in charge...not good...no game software project 
>>>> manager of any competence or experience would consider leaving CTF 
>>>> out altogether in a game like this.
>>>> lee
>>>> At 07:20 PM 2/18/2005, you wrote:
>>>>> Have you read that here or in an interview? I agree, it truly would 
>>>>> be sad if CTF is left out.
>>>>> /H
>>>>>> From: Brigham Stevens <brs at vikingmind.com>
>>>>> ...
>>>>>> This plus the fact that they killed CTF means this game is doomed.
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