[bf1942] No CTF in BF2?

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Mon Feb 21 02:17:53 EST 2005

They dropped it in BFV..... And I believe it has been said in an 
interview but I do not think any DICE employee has officially confirmed 
it on this list (that I know of).

Also, the BCraft editor, which has come a long way, its actually stable 
and pretty dang good now.. Does not support it properly, it kind of 
explains why they never fixed it. It would have been easy to fix, 
because the editor almost does it right but you have to hand edit the 
maps to make it work.

There is an official pettion to let EA know we care about CTF mode.
I guess another option is that hopefully the new BF2 engine will be 
scriptable enough that we can MOD in CTF support. That would work for 
me, but it would be a pain to mod all the maps, etc.... Also hoping it 
is mod-able enough that this rank stuff can be eliminated.

Hammer 2.0 wrote:

> Have you read that here or in an interview? I agree, it truly would be 
> sad if CTF is left out.
> /H
>> From: Brigham Stevens <brs at vikingmind.com>
> ...
>> This plus the fact that they killed CTF means this game is doomed.
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