[bf1942] Patch news ("1.2")

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at MatureAsskickers.net
Wed Dec 21 22:52:24 EST 2005

Interview with DICE's Armando Marini:


TotalBF2 response thread:


> TotalBF2.com: How would your customers be able to voice their opinion on
> what needs to be included in the next patch?
> Armando: There are several opinions on this point, but my personal
> opinion is that the forums offer up the best way to convey issues and how
> to best resolve them. When someone posts something, there is immediate
> feedback from the rest of the community. That makes it easier to judge
> the severity and validity of the issue.
> We get e-mail from concerned people. The problem is that everyone has
> their own opinion on what should be addressed and how. Many of these
> messages have a vague description of issues and many issues are isolated.
> It is best that we focus on items that have the most impact on the
> community as a whole.

Bug report forum:


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