[bf1942] Has EA sanctioned use of BF2CC daemon on ranked servers?

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Mon Aug 29 08:04:51 EDT 2005

Honestly,   I have only 2 servers to deal with for my clan. A Dual P4 2.8G, 
4G, and
a Single P4 3.2G. They run about 11 Virtual Servers. I am not a gaming 

When I looked at the requirement for a beta set of .NET code, running a 
beta of a
windows based beta rcon utility, I thought clearly a nice try to make a 
windows piece of
code in to Linux.

I am not going to get in to that war about WIN vs Linux. But with all the
things I need to keep up with on various servers, updates, PB, patches,
League Rules, PAM, Mods,   the last thing I want to do is run slow
windows API's on top of Linux.  I also don't have to worry much about
viruses as much.

Maybe it was out of laziness, but it is out of laziness that I don't want
to spend all the time to make that sandwich of code work.

Heck, BF1942 had several nice RCON applications. As a matter of
fact, the lack of a decent Rcon facility such BF1942 is yet another
thing that is hurting BF2 in addition to EA's policies (like it needs more!)

{TRv} had a captains meeting Friday night, and decided to drop BF2
support from the clan completely, but keep an unranked server... for now.
The main reason was lack of gaming competition, which somewhat
surprised me when they mentioned this as a main reason.
They pointed out that the reality is everyone is so busy trying to gain rank,
they have little to no time to get in to a ladder or league competition.
Every clan is recruiting and trying to get BF2 players and few are succeeding
largely based on the above reasoning.

But most realize after I published the time required to reach above Lance Corp.
they will play until they reach LC, and then switch when the next best thing
comes out...  That is pretty sad comparing it to the longevity of BF1942 and

Here is my current observation and assessment, or IMHO is you will:

By the time someone invents a simpler Rcon "Mouse Trap" COD 2 will be out,
or Day of Defeat:Source, or H/L: Aftermath.  Holiday 2005 and 2Q 2006 are
packed with new shooters and add on's coming out.  I think to some extent
we are a bit spoiled.  We kind of seem child-like in a way.  Who can blame us?
You play with the nice cool toy at the holiday, until brother Billy opens 
more awesome, and away you went to play together with Billy's more awesome
toy.  The developers know BF2 already pushed the video card envelope...

Also, could BF2 die?  Well how many awaited Brothers in Arms?  I know I did!
It looked awesome. That trailer/demo of interactivity before it came 
out.  Only for
it's format to kill the game.  Yea, this was limited on-line ability... I 
don't think they
will make that mistake again.  But  I suspect my assessment on us "boys
will be boys with the very latest toys" will continue to do it's work as it 
has for
decades.  It is built in to our very human existence.


At 03:36 AM 8/29/2005, you wrote:

>Thats because of the stupidity to use .NET framework on the serverside...
>They would probably have less problems if they used C or C++.
>And from my understanding, the choice of .NET was due to pure laziness
>from the BF2CC coders.
>On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Tim Cooper wrote:
> > Or their running linux and mono eats up 70% cpu :P
> >
> > "Don't dip in the mustard if you can't ketchup"
> >
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> > servers?
> >
> > Yes they have.  We are using it on all of our customers' servers here.
> >
> > Most likely your provider does not want to spend the time to deploy the
> > daemon as it cuts into his profits ( work time ) to do so.
> >
> > Jon
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> > Subject: [bf1942] Has EA sanctioned use of BF2CC daemon on ranked servers?
> >
> >
> > > Subject says it all. My team's ranked server at Branzone is currently
> > > supplying the rcon interface but it would be nice to have the daemon for
> > > the extra features, like independent admin logins for each team member.
> > > According to my teammate who pays for the server, Brandon at Branzone 
> says
> >
> > > EA told him the daemon isn't allowed on ranked servers, but this is at
> > > odds with what I'm hearing in the BF2CC forums. Can some insider pass 
> this
> >
> > > question on to the ranked list?
> > >
> > > The daemon is working fine on our unranked server, which so far we've 
> only
> >
> > > seen traffic on for matches.
> > >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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