[bf1942] Are you using the 64-bit server much?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Thu Aug 25 10:33:19 EDT 2005

Indeed I'm quite familiar with that installer so it was no trouble
for me but I doubt the average user would be able to do it.

tbh I wouldn't bother even asking, just install both. The size of
the extra exe / so's is not really worth the bother.

Personally I would prefer to see binary only install as currently
we have to download an install two copies, win32 and Linux
and then combine the images as maintaining two full images
would be a waste of space :)

    Steve / K

P.S. Hope you had a nice break, good to have you back :)

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From: "Andreas Andersson" <andreas.andersson at dice.se>

I removed that since I felt that it was a waste of space to install
stuff that isn't used. But if people want to use both that wasn't such a
good thing to do :)

Maybe I should update the install-script to ask if the user wants to
install both versions or not?
That sound better to me, what do you think?

The installer isn't that hard to hack and unpack manually. But that's
not something a user should have to do :)

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