Ranked vs Unranked, same H/W, LAG issue

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Mon Aug 22 12:49:24 EDT 2005

Two machines,  a DUAL 3.2 Ghz P4 HT running RH ES 4.0 with 2.6 SMP
running one 32 man 32 bit server.  One is ranked, one is unranked.

The unranked I have had up to 30 ppl playing in it, and there is no

The same hardware, running ranked, and Geez have I heard
from many, including my sons that they get lag, and often at critical
points in one on one.

In general they tell me they figure they have lives and will get to
lance corp, but will never bother to get 10X lance corp just to
gain another weapon.  But on the technical issue, they clearly
have told me, and I have seen similar combat situations on
both servers, and the Ranked server WILL lag, and the Unranked
will not.  it is persistent and consistent enough that they are
getting fed up with Ranked servers.

I have shown them the math on the rankings, 24x7 no S, S, S, or S
6 years, you are master gun sgt, or cheat as you see some of them
on the ranked servers with MG Sgt.  Do the math... they didn't get
there legitimately.

Anyone know the reason why a ranked would lag in these situations
and an unranked will not?  (I got the specs from the admin running
the ranked server, and I know him. We lease our servers from the
same company (theplanet.com).

Any educated insight would be very welcomed.

Doc D.

Mark J. DeFilippis                    defilm at acm.org
                                       defilm at ieee.org

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