[bf1942] fragalyzer question

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Tue Aug 16 19:31:47 EDT 2005

That's retarded..  Why the hell would they say that it is not allowed?


GRRR..  EA really pisses me off.




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That module is out of bounds according to EA so steer clear

if u want ur servers listed.


    Steve / K

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just a few questions:

We have tried to gather some Fragalyzer Logs with: pythonHost.sendCommand
falog 1

it works fine on our Linux Box, except for the Logs are being saved in the
BF2 Serverroot with a filename like this:
problem is the name of the file, because of the "\" in its name it is hard
to download these files on a windows client and it looks like it has to be
put into the following Directorys on the Server: mods\bf2\Logs\, this it not
going to happen. The file is named:

Next problem is that you have to start the logging by hand for every round /
map change.
_i need to know, how to automatically enable falog logs for every round and
every mapchange._ possible?

now the windows problem:

you cannot enable falogs it is not possible, i dont know why but you can
have a look here on the console screen, maybe you guys know more:


so the next big question is... how to enable falogs for win32 servers?

thanks so far

PS: excuse my bad english skillz :D

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