[bf1942] Anyone have a popular non-ranked server?

Rayne rayne at bf2-maps.com
Tue Aug 16 11:55:50 EDT 2005

That is a more accurate definition but the herring could be described as
People want to play where there are players. EA's slow release of the editor
left the only glamour to be found in the ranked servers. Our ranked servers
are full most every day and rated under the top 300 out of over 6000
servers. By far not the largest set of servers or the most popular but the
fact remains that the 'carrot' for a player is only currently found in a
ranked server. The idea of them selling them at $8/slot was the 'profit'
that came to mind when the subject was mentioned. (if anybody pays that for
a ranked server you should be kicked in the teeth) To allow mods and custom
maps in the ranked servers will just go to further poison the game with
individual stats in a team-based game. 
Purity of the game's intentions is what I see and all that I care about.
Think about it. Is it fun to sit and watch a group of guys kill/revive each
other while your team is getting their asses handed to them? Maybe you've
noticed that group on the outskirts of servers you've played on. The concept
of rankings being in a team-based game is absurd. Just as Psychostats is in
Counter-Strike. If BF2 had a DM mod then by all means let the stat-whores go
hang out there and have at it. But for the quality of gameplay to survive it
will need to have an environment away for the ranks. I'd love nothing more
than to have every mod and map released to the world but it will be a sad
day in the world of online gaming to see it on a ranked server.
So what in effect happens is a "trusted provider" is required to propogate
this madness with the provisions of free ranked servers to the game. I'm all
for insuring that a provider of any game is capable of doing so at a
performance level that is needed by the players but why just ranked servers?
EA has created and is continuing to force the environment for stat-whores
down our throats. That is what I meant in full and that's how I feel about
the whole thing. Yes, we provide ranked servers but I don't have to like
it...I just have to provide what the clients want without letting my
personal feelings interfere.

*passes the mic*

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ScratchMonkey wrote:
> Ok. And where does EA profit from this?
> I'm not saying it doesn't suck. I'm just saying that the profit thing is
> so far apparently a red herring. How much *cash* does a ranked provider
> have to give to EA?

You're right on the money there, Scratchy: It seems to be a general
misconception that ranked providers have to pay EA. We have paid zilch,
nil, nada, zero, naught, nothing.

Please, everyone: Spread the word and stop the rumour :)


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