[bf1942] Anyone have a popular non-ranked server?

Ryan Snook rsnook at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 17:47:18 EDT 2005

If you don't use the proper user-agent you get about 400 servers. Plug
in the right agent and they all show up, about 6800.  I don't use ASE
so I don't know how it works or if you can specify a user-agent or if
there is an updated ASE that has concessions for this, but this is how
I query the master list for my other projects.

On 8/15/05, ScratchMonkey <ScratchMonkey at matureasskickers.net> wrote:
> I've been playing on TacticalGamer.com, which has two servers. #1 is full
> during peak periods, and well-run.
> I do wish ASE listed more servers, as I much prefer it to the in-game
> server search capability, but it only lists about 400+ servers while the
> in-game list numbers 5000+. Alas, ASE isn't allowed to query GameSpy for
> the server list, so I think its list only gets updated as users submit IP's
> (using the Insert key in the ASE server list).

Ryan Snook

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