[bf1942] Anyone have a popular non-ranked server?

luke at techfreak.org luke at techfreak.org
Mon Aug 15 16:51:29 EDT 2005

Thanks, James. The addition of rank does put some new twists into being an
admin, huh? Used to be a server was good if it had good ping, CPU, etc as
you  mention. I want to say to hell with this game, but I'm too stubborn
and I don't like to lose. I would like to get the edge using mods, etc. I
say we brainstorm and find some ways to stay in the game.

No offense to ranked admins - but EA has pitted us non-ranked admins
against you. I don't like it, but part of my strategy as an admin is now
how to compete with you. I hope nobody takes offense.


> Our non ranked server is a wasteland. Back in the day when we ran DC, it
> used to be full almost 24/7 (it would dip down to about 20 players at
> about 5am our time, but that was it). We have excellent ping, plenty of
> cpu, effectively unlimited bandwidth, but it seems the allure of having
> your name listed on a web page along with thousands of anonymous gamers
> is just too strong for 99% of the gaming world. We have a group of
> regulars who play and some nights it gets up to 30 or 40 players, but
> that's it.
> We're hoping mods will help, but in the short term, it's very
> frustrating, especially when we've put time, effort and money into
> supporting the game in the past. I don't have any expectation it will
> ever change, so as a group we'll certainly look very carefully at games
> in the future before committing to them.
> James
> On 8/15/2005 12:39 PM, luke at techfreak.org wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> This seems more and more like the 'ranked' server admins list since EA
>> has
>> worked hard to put us 'non-ranked' admins out to pasture. But, is anyone
>> here running a non-ranked server that sees much action? I'm jmust
>> curious
>> since we will not run a ranked server and im wondering if any other
>> groups
>> / clans are doing so successfully?
>> Thanks.
>> Luke

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