[bf1942] Anyone have a popular non-ranked server?

Rüdiger Webmaster at robin1977.de
Mon Aug 15 15:51:10 EDT 2005

We also have 2 unranked Server.
The first one is running with standard maps. It is not very well visited
because of the ranked system. We have planned to install the Mod Desert
Conflict, once it will be released.
http://bf2.sawaworld.de Server:

The second one is running with costum maps. ONLY costum maps.
We have a seperate webpage for this server, where you can download these
costum maps.
This one is very good visited. The page with the costum maps:
The maps are running at:

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From: <luke at techfreak.org>
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Subject: [bf1942] Anyone have a popular non-ranked server?

> Hey all,
> This seems more and more like the 'ranked' server admins list since EA has
> worked hard to put us 'non-ranked' admins out to pasture. But, is anyone
> here running a non-ranked server that sees much action? I'm jmust curious
> since we will not run a ranked server and im wondering if any other groups
> / clans are doing so successfully?
> Thanks.
> Luke

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