[bf1942] Ranked Server Provider program details

Christoph Nothegger bf42 at nothegger.com
Sun Aug 14 10:10:30 EDT 2005

On 14.08.2005 bf1942 at icculus.org wrote:

> Interesting you say that, last time I looked our prices where
> lower than any of the US providers. This considering the UK
> is more expensive than US when it comes to hosting ( space,
> power and net connection costs etc ) has to say something :)

Tbh I never looked at your prices, and they are cheap indeed. However,
this does not change the fact that you have the whole country to
yourself. If I would do very simple maths:
60 mill people for one provider
250 mill people for 15 providers (again, 15 is a rough estimate)

As I said, very simple maths, and not taking into account that there
will be UK people who rent from a continental provider, of course.

Guess what I would pick? ;)


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