[bf1942] Zombie players?

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Tue Aug 2 17:35:02 EDT 2005

Jani Partanen wrote:
> Can it be done so that you join server, alt + tab to windows. Then map
> will change, client can't load map and somehow stay there as zombie,
> maybe connecting status? What will happen when map change? Does it show
> in log that all players disconnect or not?
> Because I have once left my client so and when I get back in the game,
> client was loading whole map rotation :P

Hmm... strange. In this case the PB logs shows that the player
disconnected at exactly 15:37:28. There are no entries of him
reconnecting after that time, yet our admins saw him and tried to kick
him with no effect.

I now saw in the PB-logs that at the time he was disconnected, i.e.
15:37:28, there was a massive disconnect from PB, and the BF2 debug log
indicates there was a mapchange at that exact time. But when players
start the next round, there is a new connection event, and there was no
such event for this player.


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