[bf1942] Plea for CTF support in BF2 + 2 other things...

David Snodgrass dave at setupahost.net
Sat Oct 2 22:52:23 EDT 2004

Please, Stay on topic. He's asking for server input, not every gripe you 
have ;)

Jorrit Schippers wrote:

>I would suggest one more command:
>admin.switchTeams (or something like that)
>Everybody switches teams instantly. Useful for a clanmatch where you play
>both sides on a map.
>Also make sure that the following bf1942 bugs don''t also appear in BF2 (I
>don''t know how far the engine will be the same):
>- Soundbug
>  If you pickup an enemy weapon kit, the enemy who owned it before you will
>hear you shooting all the time, even when you aren't shooting
>- Reloadbug:
>  Sometimes, when you pickup a weapon or switch to another weapon, you are
>forced to reload (switching to knife and back doesn't help) and you will end
>up with one bullet less then before you reloaded.
>- Weaponswitchbug:
>  Sometimes switching to medkit or another weapon takes more time then
>before. Perhaps the server doesn't give high priority to it.
>(This one will most likely not appear in BF2, but as I summed up almost any
>bug in bf42 1.6, I will add this one)
>- Tigerbug:
>  when you completely turn the tiger turret to the back, you will see in
>outside view that the gun reaches farther then the vehicle. But when you
>fire, you seem to hit yourself, which should be impossible.
>That you will not release a patch for BF1942 I can understand, but please
>take care of BF2. Perhaps some betatesting? Because I must say that my
>opinion about EA's so called Quality Assurance team isn't that good ....
>Good luck,
>Jorrit Schippers

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