[bf1942] re: autobalance (was Plea for CTF support in BF2 + 2 other things...)

Andrew vonNiederhausern avonnied at genetics.utah.edu
Fri Oct 1 14:32:23 EDT 2004

One interesting feature in SW:Battlefront that might be good for BF2 is the
ability to turn team switching off.

SW:BF has the option of auto side assign and eliminating the choice of the
client choosing which side they play on.

One thing I've noticed this does to a public game is it dramatically
increases the balance of not only persons but skill in a public match.

Might be a feature worth looking at for BF2, helps keep the teams even and
helps keeping people from team stacking..

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I'd suggest lowest score that dies first (newest players should be
switched, not those who have been playing on a particular side for a good
while).  Or recent switchers to the unbalanecd side (prevents those wanks
who switch to the 'winning' side).


On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, David Snodgrass wrote:

> I'd also love to see some work done on the autobalance criteria - ie.
> new players are switched first, or something. right now, it just
> switches whoever dies first, but it hardly seems fair, and is more
> annoying than anything else.
> ./d

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