[bf1942] Plea for CTF support in BF2 + 2 other things...

AIX Gaming webmaster at aixgaming.com
Fri Oct 1 13:00:33 EDT 2004

I second the request for these admin commands.  On servers where auto team
balancing is kind of cheezy, being able to manually move people around to
balance the teams would make the game so much more enjoyable.

> Hi Andreas,
> Please make sure there is support for CTF games in BF2! Please please...
> We love it so. There is nothing better than having to escape across
> hostile lands with the enemy flag. It is intense and the most exciting
> game play ever.
> It seems like it has taken a side line to conquest mode play. Please
> don't abandon this staple of online playing!
> Could you please let us know what you plan for CTF and BF2? I noticed
> that it wasn't really supported for BFV, and so we didn't really get
> into that game much.
> Also, long ago I wrote to you about a couple features that you thought
> were a good idea:
> admin.killPlayer  -
>  (this was documented in bf1942 , but didn't work) admins could use as
> punishment short of kicking.
> admin.setPlayerTeam -
> For admins to balance teams. Being able to change a player's team will
> be awesome, because it will make automated tournament management systems
> possible.
> admin.setPlayerName -
> Being able to change other players names will also help automated
> tournament systems.
> I hope you will consider these features for BF2.
> Thank you.
> --brigham
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