[bf1942] BF2 server discussion

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Fri Oct 1 03:23:24 EDT 2004

This goes to my point about upgrading. The Red Hat 7.x series was
released in 2001. I appreciate that people might be stuck with these
distributions but to me it seems the service provider is at fault here
for running such an ancient version of Linux.

I'm examining yet another option which is to use Intel's development
tools and ship with their c++ libraries instead (which IIRC aren't
covered by the GPL).

// Andreas

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I have to agree..

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Personally, I was never able to run the dynamically linked version of
bf42 server.  I rent my server from a server farm, and they are on an
older version of RedHat, and it is problematic, IMO, to upgrade remotely
without a subscription to RedHat's service.

And just upgrading libc is often not an option, there are frequently
other dependencies as well, so it is a real pain to run dynamically
linked binaries of lots of different things, not just this server.

I love static linked binaries.  Why torture your users?  This will not
make Linux work on the desktop.


At 04:00 PM 9/30/2004, you wrote:
>Michael Ressen wrote:
>>#2 should be just fine, and I don't think there's a legal prob there 
>>since the objects are already in distribution.
>Well, there actually are legal problems. Linking to libstdc++ is 
>allowed for non-GPL applications (I think), but bundling with libstdc++

>(or any other GPLed library, for that matter) is only allowed for GPLed

>applications due to the virality of the GPL license.
>This has led to numerous problems in other applications that were 
>already Open Source, but not GPL software, as in PHP versus MySQL (the 
>MySQL client library is GPL, PHP is not -> severe bundling problems) et
>AFAIR, that has emerged for the BF1942 linux server too, and I don't 
>recall how it was solved.
>Personally, I'm fine with option #1, since most gameservers already use

>a fairly new version of libstdc++.

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