[bf1942] BF2 Server?

Johan Stålnacke johan.sp at home.se
Fri Nov 26 18:56:09 EST 2004

Don't know what you really meant, but if you use ASE you can
find dedicated windows OR Linux servers, so it's easy to see how
many dedicated linux server there is out there.

At the moment there is 3158 Linux servers and
5199 Windows servers running BF42 right now.

991 Linux and 2362 Windows BFV servers.

(Then I don't know if ASE shows the right numbers...)

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> I'm sure 90% of all BF42/Vietnam servers on the internet at the moment 
> are hosted on linux/posix/*bsd systems, too bad this is not included by 
> the queryport or gamespy port as info, otherwise you would have had hard 
> proof.

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