[bf1942] running mod on dedicated Linux Server

Andy Berdan andy.berdan at dicecanada.com
Wed May 26 12:49:20 EDT 2004

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> D:\Games\Battlefield Vietnam>BfVietnam +game BfVietnam +restart 1
+hostServer 1+generateMD5 Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail

I'm not sure if that's just a typo, but there should be a space before every

I've tested it locally, and it works for me, with the following exact
command line:
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam>BfVietnam +game BfVietnam
+restart 1 +hostServer 1 +generateMD5 Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail

> Could really do with this being added to the server as its us guys
> that have to maintain it i.e. clans requesting custom maps / new
> mods etc. Having to use a client to regen is really no use :(

That won't generally work.  The server and the client don't necessarily have
the same content in the rfa files.  The LevelCheck.con file is used for the
server to verify client data.  The actual rfas don't have to be in sync.

> Saying that what are the effects of a new map being added
> and not having its MD5 added I've not heard of any complaints
> but then again some people just don't report some issues :P

I believe that it simply won't check the sums for that map.  Andreas should
be able to confirm or deny this -- the content check system is his
brainchild.  :)


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