[bf1942] running mod on dedicated Linux Server

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Wed May 26 11:35:38 EDT 2004

RE: [bf1942] running mod on dedicated Linux ServerUnfortunatelty not gonna get very far with that on a unix box. Actually
doesnt work with the dedicated server at all. Seems to need the client
exe which then fails as well :(
I tried:
BfVietnam.exe +restart 1 +hostServer 1 +generateMD5 Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail

And it loads but doesnt seem to do anything, LevelCheck.con is not
regenerated. As we support multiple mods some of which may
reimplent a map it would require a way of indicating which mod:
+game <mod>
option or something similar e.g.
+generateMD5 Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail BFVietnam

I've got a unix version here now just need the details on what to do
with the game stuff and an exe that can work with it :P

I would however suggest that if the server finds a map it doesnt know
about it creates and adds the MD5 automatically or server admins
are going to get in a pickle when they add maps arent they?

    Steve / K
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  > Andy, do you know if the MD5-building script shipped with the game? 

  Looks like it didn't.  I'll get it added to the next release, but here it is for the impatient.  ;) 

  Apologies for the pasting, but I figured this was the safest way to avoid getting the attachment filtered out by 'helpful' antivirus programs.

  Note: Make sure that the 'set FILES' line is only on one line of the file. 

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  @echo off 
  echo Building MD5 fingerprints 

  set EXE=BFVietnam 
  set MOD=BFVietnam 

  set FILES=Defense_of_Con_Thien Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail Ho_Chi_Minh_Trail_alt Hue Hue_alt Ia_Drang Khe_Sahn Landing_Zone_Albany Lang_Vei Operation_Flaming_Dart Operation_Game_Warden Operation_Hastings Operation_Irving Quang_Tri Quang_Tri_alt

  del Mods\%MOD%\LevelCheck.con 

  for %%x in (%FILES%) do %EXE% +restart 1 +hostServer 1 +generateMD5 %%x 
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