[bf1942] CTD - server side issue?

brammes brambugmail at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 06:31:09 EDT 2004

I read in the release notes that the airlifting code
has been adapted aswell as the vehicle code.
maybe something in that code is causing the
disconnection problems and the CTD's?

Twister talked about a CTD during some huey flights, I
also read some issues with the chinook, especially
pilots that suffered from CTD while airlifting

also disabling PB had a good effect.

so the possibilities are:
* netcode changes since 1.00
* airlifting/huey/chinook?
* mobile spanwpoints
* punkbuster? (but I doubt that)
* certain maps like irving, ia drang, landing zone ...

hopefully the EA/DICE testing team could find the
problem :)


--- Andy Berdan <andy.berdan at dicecanada.com> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> > there is a new annoying bug floating around
> causing a
> > lot of CTD's. I found an interesting thread about
> it
> > on planetbattlefield, it seems map related:
> Operation
> > Irving, Landing Zone Albany ... .
> > "the CTD bug happens if a tunnel, Tango or mobile
> > spawn is destroyed".
> > 
> > is there anyway to get somekind of hotfix before
> 1.01?
> Before 1.01?  Er?
> If indeed it is the NVA spawn tunnels, the problem
> has already been
> addressed.  I just finished rewriting the spawn
> point system.
> But... the Tango/Mobile spawns used a different
> system in v1.0 and v1.01
> than the NVA tunnels, so I can't see any way they
> could be correlated there.
> I will mention this (and the other issues), and we
> can probably get some
> testing going at EA and/or a fix.
> I'd really appreciate it if anyone manages to nail
> it down (ie, with
> reproduction steps).
> Thanks,
>   Andy
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