[bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Miguel Filho miguel at casadavo.net
Tue May 25 20:24:41 EDT 2004

Agreed, it´s to late do make something like that, but it would be very cool to watch BFTV.

But well, DICE is making BF2, so, forget new features for BF1942.


On Wed, 26 May 2004 00:06:14 +0100, "Steven Hartland" <killing at multiplay.co.uk> escreveu:

> De: "Steven Hartland" <killing at multiplay.co.uk>
> Data: Wed, 26 May 2004 00:06:14 +0100
> Para: <bf1942 at icculus.org>
> Assunto: Re: [bf1942] Petition for BF1942!
> That's some pretty open ended requests there. If a patch is needed
> to fix bugs I'm sure a concise list would be more helpful. You
> cant expect every new feature to be added all though they may
> want to, times move on. If you have suggestions for the next
> battlefield Im sure they would be interested in them, but adding
> them to the current game most likely not.
> I know this might sound harsh but its realistic IMO.
>     Steve / K

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