[bf1942] running mod on dedicated Linux Server

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Tue May 25 18:15:21 EDT 2004

Actually BF:V doesn't support disabling content checking. It was one of the mistakes I had the chance to correct on my brief visit to Canada to help ship the game.

Essentially you need the MD5 hashes to make things happy, but I'm not sure of Dice Canada included the necessary support stuff to build them. Really it's just a simple set of commands you need to run from a client install, but the beauty of it is that is won't break as easily as did the bf1942 system.

Andy, do you know if the MD5-building script shipped with the game?

// Andreas

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Subject: [bf1942] running mod on dedicated Linux Server
I'm trying to get a Linux box running with our mod for battlefield
vietnam. (I'm aware of small/capital letters issue)
The server starts without any errors but if I'm trying to connect with a
client I get the errormessage: "Data differs from server"

I added the following lines to servermanager.con:
game.serverContentCheck 0
game.serverUnpureMods "poe"

but I still get the same error.

For testing purposes I decided to create a new "empty" mod (poe1), but I
get the same error again.
I found out that it's possible to run a custommap on the mod, but not an
original bfvietnam map (incl. Mod modifications), as soon as I want to
run e.g. hue or kha shan I get the "data differs" error again.

Does anyone have a mod running a bfv map (incl. Mod modifications) on a
linux box?
I've already spent ages in find a solution to get it working but
unfortunately withouth any success.

Many thanks in advance

Point of Existence developer

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