[bf1942] V1.01 Mods work?

sjdel at nycap.rr.com sjdel at nycap.rr.com
Tue May 25 14:37:29 EDT 2004

Unfortunately not, I've tried on 2, make that 3, perfectly functioning bfv servers on linux boxes, 2 using RH9, and one on RH Ent 3.0 :(

Only thing I've really done was change the case using fixinstall.sh and make changes to maplist.con reflecting a small subset of the tod maps:

game.addLevel hamburger_hill GPM_CQ tod
game.addLevel hamburger_hill_one GPM_CQ tod
game.setCurrentLevel hamburger_hill GPM_CQ tod

After it crashed initially, I even checked the init.con to see if the case issues in that were effecting startup, but it made no difference.

Did you do anything else?

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> Just check that one works fine here. Corrupt install?
>    Steve / K
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> > A newer beta version of Tour of Duty.  I just just checked the 
> publically available one as well, and still get the same results.
> Both the publically available file as well as the beta I have both 
> need case adjustments, so I imagine there are other gotchas as
> well.
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