[bf1942] OT: Communication with and from DICE Canada

Adam 'Starblazer' Romberg star at extremepcgaming.net
Fri May 21 04:11:07 EDT 2004

> For those of you wondering why the BF1942 Linux server is still at RC2:
> I'm deep into Battlefield 2's development and with that in mind the need
> for a BF1942-Linux update hasn't seemed a top priority. If I spend my
> time improving the BF1942 server, we miss out on the BF2 server.

Andreas, a product TTL of less than a year and you're in development for
the next gen?  Good for you, but I think that maybe BF1942 should still be
a priority, with all the desertcombat people still playing. (or are you
talking about BF1942 v2 and I'm going to sound like a complete retard?)

but, to say it again.

We love you for your dedication, Andreas! ;)



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