[bf1942] -=}FW{=- Clan server abuse.

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Thu May 6 23:16:46 EDT 2004

jon at ecgnetwork.com wrote:

>>Just a heads up for all you server admins, The Forgotten Wraiths have a
>>habbit of abusing servers, Starting and stopping them a zillion times an
>>hour to stop the box from responding, and then demanding a refund, when
>>that doesnt happen, they hop on your pub's and have enough of a majority
>>to vote kick everyone. I dont suggest any game company take this clan as
>>a client, It will get you screwed.
>I feel sorry for any company that cant tell the difference between a
>server crash and someone stopping and starting it over and over again.
>How would this make the box stop responding?  I know ive had servers
>caught in a loop for hours on end before I get a support email about it,
>and no other customers on that machine are aware of the problem.
ummm ya. bfsmd.log. And the proc/mem usage when starting a server? 
Pinned out to the point (p4 3.2, 2 gigs ram, 10Krpm SATA) where the 
bfsmd app cant get enough resources to function.

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