[bf1942] Crazy CPU use with SMP kernels

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Mon May 3 22:37:35 EDT 2004

Same here on our test AMD64 suse 9.0 ( 2.4.21-215-smp )

Will have a look with strace when I get some time.

    Steve / K
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Subject: [bf1942] Crazy CPU use with SMP kernels

> I've read all the information I can find about the problems with the BF 
> server and SMP kernels, but I haven't found if anyone has a workaround 
> for this yet.
> I have a server running on an SMP box with kernel 2.6.6rc2 (running 
> gentoo), and it uses about 20% cpu when there is no-one connected. Also, 
> during map changes, it spikes to 100% cpu for about a minute or so, and 
> then proceeds with the loading. Before we went SMP, the load was much, 
> much quicker than this and did not spike to 100%.
> Has anyone got any suggestions for this? Perhaps a kernel compile option 
> which could be enabled/disabled? Based on various forum posts, I tried 
> disabling APM, but that made no difference. Obviously I can't disable 
> SMP, because then we won't have support for the hardware..
> Cheers,
> James

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