[bf1942] win32 dedicated doesnt work (solution server bug)

d p chang weasel at meer.net
Mon Mar 22 21:13:27 EST 2004

"Steven Hartland" <killing at multiplay.co.uk> writes:

> Ok found the cause for this seems one of the tools or
> the dedicated server itself had left a corrupt maplist.con in:
> C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\settings
> I deleted:
> C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Battlefield Vietnam\
> And now the server works.

this is the gibberish that caused crashes on early linux servers where
people were running the server as a user w/o a complete passwd file
entry. on the windows side there is code that actually grovels through
the 'my documents' stuff depending on what type of user is running the
server (restricted user vs someone else).

> What I believe is happening is said file is temporary, if detected it
> will be copied over the main maplist.con ( the way the server changes
> level? ) unfortunately after being copied it isn't immediately deleted
> ( done some time later? ).

actually, this acts sort of like the overlay path. the order on win32

        my documents
        overlay path (if set)
        installation settings path

there's no copying here. if the directory exists it will be used and bad
stuff happens from there as some files might not exist (or might not
have good data, as in your case)

> I'd say this needs to be checked in both the linux and the win32
> server.

the 'my documents' gibberish doesn't exist in linux-land any more and
probably should be nuked from dedicated entirely. 

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