[bf1942] bfv linux servers not showing on ASE?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 20:38:21 EST 2004

Hmm reply to all not going to the list??

Looked under bf1942 as well still no see here's a selection of servers
that should be there:
Multiplay.co.uk :: Public #1

[=UBA=] Vietnam Server

NPU :: Battlefield Vietnam #1

    Steve / K

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Subject: Re: [bf1942] bfv linux servers not showing on ASE?

> > Also tried aseport = 0 no joy either way.
> > bf1942 servers using the same config options on the
> > same machine show up just fine.
> the ase libraries that were checked in for bfv report themselves as
> bf1942 servers. last i knew dice canada was still waiting for new libraries
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