[bf1942] various replies from the fat and bored

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Mon Mar 22 19:12:34 EST 2004

I've only had these problems with the BFV CC, not with my Desert Combat
server and black bag ops' server manager. Steve/K, are you confusing the 2
or is BBO giving you grief?

> We have used BFSMD on dozens of servers since version 1.4 and never, *not
> once* have I seen a server crash for no reason.
> I have seen 3 or 4 crashes total since we started running BBO and that has
> to be getting close to a year now. Every time there has been an obvious
> reason in the bfsmd.log.
> Two or three times it was because the server admin set it to coop with
> bots
> in Internet mode and once I seen it crash because one admin was making a
> bunch of settings changes while another one disabled the remote console.
> In
> those instances it crashed the gameserver and brought down bfsmd as well.
> It was never repeated a second time on the same server because the client
> learned not to do such foolish things. The evidence of what is crashing
> your server should be in the bfsmd.log file... assuming that's what is
> causing the problem.
> Rick
> At 11:44 PM 3/22/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>>Sounds like the same problem that affects BFSM and why we
>>refuse to run it now. With bf1942 constant connection from BFSM
>>the servers constantly crash here, remove it and they are relatively
>>     Steve / K
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>> > The idea that the pipe my box is on is not fat enough doesn't apply
>> here
>> > since it's 100mbit full duplex out to an OC-12.  I later posted my own
>> > solution to this, which was that if you're running a linux bfv server,
>> if
>> > you have a windows based BFV CC instance sending console commands to
>> the
>> > linux server, it'll kill the linux bfv server. Guaranteed, every
>> single
>> > time, without fail.  When I turned off the BFV CC windows box, the
>> server
>> > stayed completely stable for the last 3 days straight and keeps going.
>>  It
>> > didn't last more than 30 minutes before I figured this out.  So it's
>> got
>> > nothing to do with the available bandwidth.
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