[bf1942] various replies from the fat and bored

Rick Thompson fortweb at fortweb.com
Mon Mar 22 19:06:10 EST 2004

We have used BFSMD on dozens of servers since version 1.4 and never, *not 
once* have I seen a server crash for no reason.

I have seen 3 or 4 crashes total since we started running BBO and that has 
to be getting close to a year now. Every time there has been an obvious 
reason in the bfsmd.log.

Two or three times it was because the server admin set it to coop with bots 
in Internet mode and once I seen it crash because one admin was making a 
bunch of settings changes while another one disabled the remote console. In 
those instances it crashed the gameserver and brought down bfsmd as well.

It was never repeated a second time on the same server because the client 
learned not to do such foolish things. The evidence of what is crashing 
your server should be in the bfsmd.log file... assuming that's what is 
causing the problem.


At 11:44 PM 3/22/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Sounds like the same problem that affects BFSM and why we
>refuse to run it now. With bf1942 constant connection from BFSM
>the servers constantly crash here, remove it and they are relatively
>     Steve / K
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> > The idea that the pipe my box is on is not fat enough doesn't apply here
> > since it's 100mbit full duplex out to an OC-12.  I later posted my own
> > solution to this, which was that if you're running a linux bfv server, if
> > you have a windows based BFV CC instance sending console commands to the
> > linux server, it'll kill the linux bfv server. Guaranteed, every single
> > time, without fail.  When I turned off the BFV CC windows box, the server
> > stayed completely stable for the last 3 days straight and keeps going.  It
> > didn't last more than 30 minutes before I figured this out.  So it's got
> > nothing to do with the available bandwidth.
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