[bf1942] various replies from the fat and bored

d p chang weasel at meer.net
Mon Mar 22 18:45:46 EST 2004

"AIX Gaming" <webmaster at aixgaming.com> writes:

> I later posted my own solution to this, which was that if you're
> running a linux bfv server, if you have a windows based BFV CC
> instance sending console commands to the linux server, it'll kill the
> linux bfv server. Guaranteed, every single time, without fail.  When I
> turned off the BFV CC windows box, the server stayed completely stable
> for the last 3 days straight and keeps going.  It didn't last more
> than 30 minutes before I figured this out.  So it's got nothing to do
> with the available bandwidth.

sorry, my explanation was lame (the most common cause for sigpipe is
the link being shutdown because of packet loss etc).

anyway, i have no idea what bfv cc is, but it isn't playing nice w/ the
socket that it is using to connect to the remote console port. yes, i
should probably have 'masked' this on the server side by just ignoring
sigpipe, but it is sort of lame not to even try doing the 'right' thing

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