[bf1942] BFVCC & BFVC3 ?

InCisT InCisT at Popsikle.net
Tue Mar 16 22:30:25 EST 2004

Neal Clayton wrote:

> Agreed, I got the last build from Sunday and have had no problems 
> running it.  I have also had no problems administering it with the 
> remote console app that I already had from BF.  If I need more people 
> to be able to start/stop/edit it, I can set up Usermin commands for 
> them to do so, and for anything else I can give them a link to the 
> console commands and tell them to RTFM.
> The server works (outside of the mortar and shovel bugs), and with a 
> full server all yesterday afternoon I didn't seem to have any memory 
> leaks or outrageous CPU usage, considering my server's usual capacity 
> of 24 players.
> Would it be nice if EA/Dice provided a remote admin utility as slick 
> and refined as other games, like the Unreal engine's web interface?  
> Yeah, it would be nice.  Is such a thing absolutely necessary to run a 
> server?  No.
> How do you people run Linux and BSD servers if you're afraid of a 
> command line anyways? ;)
> Lest you forget, we didn't get a Linux server for BF1942 until well 
> after the game's release, and didn't get a stable one until a couple 
> patches after the first even.  The fact that they put so much effort 
> into this one and gave us Peter to yell at before the game's release 
> gets a thumbs up from me.
> Rick Thompson wrote:
>> I can't believe I see people complaining about the server, you people 
>> complaining must be new to this because I have never seen such an 
>> attempt to get a nix dedicated server out prior to the release of the 
>> game. This guy busted his ass to get it to the point it is at now and 
>> anyone reading this list should be able to see that.
>> Complaining about testing? What the hell do you think you are doing 
>> right now? This is brand new and if your not ready to accept bugs 
>> being present you should  not be running it. You can't have it both 
>> ways... new ded server released before the game is out plus fully 
>> tested... come on now, be serious.
>> Complaining about communication? Man, I can't understand that at all. 
>> I see outstanding communication between the developer and the 
>> userbase taking place right here. If you honestly think this 
>> server/game release was poorly orchestrated you should try hosting 
>> Valve servers for awhile so you can gain an understanding of what the 
>> benchmark for a poor release is.
>> There are some issues, that is true but do a reality check! You had a 
>> nix server before the game was released, you had a number of the 
>> initial (inevitable) bugs worked out when the game went live and you 
>> have people actively working to tie up loose ends as fast as you can 
>> find them... what else can you ask for?
>> I won't buy the game until we can host the server. We won't host a 
>> server until we can sell them and we won't sell them until we have an 
>> admin tool available that allows control without direct machine access.
>> Not real happy about that because I am *really* looking forward to 
>> this game. However, I am confident it is going to happen fast and the 
>> topic has been beat to death over the last couple of weeks here so I 
>> think the point has been made, a good admin tool will be instrumental 
>> to the success of this game.
>> Even if an admin tool was available on release I still would not have 
>> installed the server right away. We have been doing this long enough 
>> to know that it can be accomplished two ways...
>> 1. Install brand new server right away and then fight it / install 
>> patches every day for a week or two.
>> 2. Wait a week or two and install a stable version in five minutes 
>> after the early installers have identified all the serious problems.
>> Rick
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its the users on the command line most people are afraid of.

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