[bf1942] +overlayPath not working and other issues?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Sun Mar 14 10:24:31 EST 2004

RE: [bf1942] +overlayPath not working and other issues?>> Doesn't seem like the overlayPath is working in the current version 
>> of the linux server ( bfv_linded-v1.0-20040312.2254 ) 
>> Starting with +overlayPath ends in random settings.

> possibly i don't understand what the overlay path is for, but i thought
> that the config information had to be there already. if there isn't stuff
> there it should fall back and use the settings from the mod path. your
> traces show the failure mode of lacking existing config info.

+overlayPath <dir> changes the base dir where the configs should be
located e.g.
+overlayPath /usr/local/games/bfv/mods/bfvietnam/server1
would read the configs from below this dir instead of from:

> is this not the case? 
The config does exists which seems be born out by:
linux_access("/usr/local/games/bfv/mods/bfvietnam/2941/settings/serversettings.con",0) = 0 (0x0)
i.e. no "ERR#2 'No such file or directory'"
It just doesnt seem to continue and use it.

> <sigh> another internal bit i meant to gank. it was useful when testing
> directly off of files i pulled off of the windows file sever. the failed
> accesses (and stats are fine)

Yer looks fine here was just there for direct comparison.

> Also noted that is using the old map format. Are we expecting 
> a version thats 
> synced with 1.6? I ask as this has vital fixes for the win32 
> servers to support 
> multiple servers and remove the GFX dependencies. 

> huh? i don't think that the two points are related. the windows server
> should look exactly the same as the linux server (i used andreas's status monitor).

So all the +overlayPath etc should work in win32 when it releases?

> anyway, since i can't sleep ive done most of the 1.6 maplist
> format stuff, but have a question about using it. are there new commands?
> someone on this list keeps saying mapcycle, but greps didn't show anything
> interesting.

Nope no new commands just change in maplist.con format
removal of +game <mod> and updates to all the rcon commands that
deal with maps.

>> Finally whats BFVIETNAM.pid? There seems to be only one and 
> i don't know what this is for. the windows client does it so i just do it
> too. i guess sticking this in the overlay path is the right thing? someone
> mentioned using scripts/tools for monitoring (it sure as hell doesn't
> check for multiple instances)

Yes I can see the usefulnes off this for tools but it would indeed need
to be put in the overlayPath.

    Steve / K

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