[bf1942] BF Viet and BFSMD

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bfv goes fourthI appoligize, I missread u can ignore the part about unrego'd
it will be limited  2 admins, that's right folks BFVCC is not free

it is the bf1942 cc version that is not free


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  Sorry for the cross post in the forums and on the mail list



  OK folks, 

              As most of us know BF:V is being supported by BFCC and not BFSMD.

  but what some of you might not know is that there is no linux port for BFCC and when unrego'd

  it will be limited  2 admins, that's right folks BFCC is not free


  I and many other admins have been a huge supporter of kevlar at black bag ops and

  also supported the decision by Dice to fund the continued development of BFSMD.

  Dice choose not to continue this support for BF:V.


  The BBO forums also have a petition going for Dice's continued support of BFSMD for BF:V located

  http://www.blackbagops.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1725 which is up to approx 60 servers/networks.


  Ok here are the facts.


  BFV is a hybrid dedicated server of bf1942 1.5-1.6 in command structure.

  this code is already written in BFSMD, and it would appear that it wouldn't take

  much for Kevin to migrate it over (I apologize if I am wrong Kevin)


  We have worked out that BFV is a diff development team to the original BF1942 team, at least on the Linux side of things, so who knows if the BFV team is up on the importance of having a good Linux cli tool to manage the servers.

  Im sure the admins know the importance of it, and I know that BBO has already written an excellent one for BF1942.


  As a Admin I'm some what disappointed about Dice's decision here. Considering almost half

  the BF1942 servers around the world are using Linux, to supply a Manager that doesn't support

  Linux is crazy.


  So Im saying that I hope Dice Change their minds and start supporting BBO for the development of a BFSMD that supports BFV

  because we need it


  If you agree make yourself heard





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