[bf1942] Peter: What about GLIBC <= 2.2?

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Fri Mar 12 07:34:44 EST 2004

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Subject: Re: [bf1942] Peter: What about GLIBC <= 2.2?

 - server may have a default (system dependent ip), but if the user 
      wants to bind to a specific one, please do it. 
      (thanks to kingsley foreman) 
still not working
still isn't binding ASE or gamespy to the ip address (ase not responding and
gamespy still not showing up when ip is assigned)

hmmm... that works for me right now. wait.... hmm.... it seems that the
gameserver and setup have different ideas about the ip address. <sigh> it is
only a *foolish* consistency that is the hobgoblin of little minds. sorry
about that

remote console is working now, but as you said serverstatus stops when

yeah, but it doesn't hang when you enable it :-)
actually it was only when i went home last night that the actual message
handling logic for the remote console is nightmare so something is looping
when it shouldn't. 
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