[bf1942] BFV Server and XML Logs

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Wed Mar 10 18:08:05 EST 2004

> From: Brigham Stevens [mailto:brs at vikingmind.com]
> Subject: Re: [bf1942] BFV Server and XML Logs
> We make heavy usage of the remote console protocol to manage 
> my servers... We 
> have a web based, database driven admin system, and I'm 
> really hoping that BFV 
> will support this out of the box so we can have well managed 
> servers from the 
> start.

hmm.... did you see my message before where we didn't even notice that there
was extra remote console functionality in 1.6? (it sort of got lost in the
enormous amount of fixes they've done since the bfv branch and the fact that
i'm a moron). we discovered that there was more functionality yesterday (no
one here had even heard of the mode where it grouped writes to the server)
and that was a bit too late for making the ea deadline.

> So I don't know if the above comments qualify as the answer 
> to your question 
> about forgetting something... but I'm hoping you all didn't 
> just give up on 
> CTF... It is way more exciting gameplay than CQ mode if ya ask me.:)

i don't know about more exciting. i suck so much that i have a hard time
against the bots :-)

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