[bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essai

Andrew A. Chen achen-bf1942 at divo.net
Wed Mar 10 13:11:04 EST 2004

Yeah, there's no home directory and no password file.  It's running in a
chroot due to necessary library frobbing.

Even after adding the appropriate /etc/passwd file under the chroot and
creating the home directory, it's still exploding at the same place.
What's it trying to do with the home directory, anyway?  Everything should
be contained under the bfv root as far as I'm concerned.  Thanks.

Andrew A. Chen
Divo Networks

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Peter Chang wrote:

> > Also, it segfaults on startup for me:
> >
> > #0  0x086eda40 in dice::bf::Setup::getMyDocumentsFolder() ()
> > #1  0x086ecb01 in dice::bf::Setup::getValidLoadSettingsDir(std::string) ()
> hmmm... are you running a setup w/o a home directory or maybe a setup where
> this entry isn't there in the password file (getpwuid(3) is failing).
> anyway, i have a feeling that this should be dead and was crap i added
> before groking setup
> \p

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