[bf1942] bfv server le duexieme essai

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Wed Mar 10 12:11:16 EST 2004

The only way you can get around this is by running the server with write
access to the mods/bfvietnam/settings
directory or die trying :-)
If you are concerned with security you can easily set up a sandbox settings
directory for a restricted user and
run the server with +overlayPath /home/dummyuser/writehere or something
// Andreas

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> From the serversettings.con included with the package: 
> game.serverPort 15567 
> Did the game server port change for BFV? 


> Also, it segfaults on startup for me: 
> #0  0x086eda40 in dice::bf::Setup::getMyDocumentsFolder() () 
> #1  0x086ecb01 in dice::bf::Setup::getValidLoadSettingsDir(std::string) ()

hmmm... are you running a setup w/o a home directory or maybe a setup where
this entry isn't there in the password file (getpwuid(3) is failing). 

anyway, i have a feeling that this should be dead and was crap i added
before groking setup 


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