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Peter Chang peter.chang at
Wed Mar 10 11:09:48 EST 2004

first, thanks to kingsley foreman and steve getman for setting us up w/ a
place to stash this stuff and doing a quick sanity check (i failed
completely :-)

anyway, i stuck a new installer at

where the .md5 file is just a text file w/ the md5 checksum for the .run
file (for the tinfoil hat brigade). 

kingsley's freebsd box isn't quite happy w/ the installer, but running the
.run w/ --keep gets the binaries out in the open air.

kingsley verified that the actual binaries worked on his gentoo and freebsd
boxen (i don't know what versions) and i have it on debian 2.2.20 and
2.4.21-0.13mdk (the later might be a little suspect since it is virtual pc
not even a real x86, but it does install and run on my mac too :-). reports
to the list (either way) from people who have the time/inclination would be

i'll stick an announcement on the lightcubed forum (thanks again to steve)
later if the world isn't completely foutu

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