[bf1942] Vietnam dedicated server?

Peter Chang peter.chang at dicecanada.com
Wed Mar 10 08:17:57 EST 2004

From: Kingsley Foreman [mailto:kingsley at internode.com.au]
Subject: Re: [bf1942] Vietnam dedicated server?

also can you check it on a gentoo system,
I know that andreas was using it (correct me if im talking bollocks)
and a lot of the server admins use it because of this, including me.

i think that you're right about andreas and gentoo, but i'm no admin so i
installed what was going to be comfortable for the people after i left.
anyway, i don't really have any spare machines to try it out on (unless you
want reports from virtual pc installs :-) so getting it out there would be

I think the main things we all want is stability/ low cpu usage/ and high
fps :)
[Peter Chang] 

[ meta: god i hate lookout, why is it changing fonts and colours on me! ]
stability, i've fixed some issues w/ fp math so it should be marginally
happier than the client, but i've not had stability issues. of course, me vs
bots is hardly pushing the server :-)
performance - i'm not sure how you guys are measuring this. i think it could
be better (still too many denorms flowing through the system), but right now
w/ no one connected and 24 bots the status monitor's util says 30% (no
overshot/skipped frames) and the fps is hovering around 60. the cpu load
from top is 22% on a 1.7 p4 3/4 gig ram 
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