[bf1942] OT: please have a look at this, DICE Canada, resp. ANDY (or: Is this list still active?)

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Fri Jun 18 15:30:47 EDT 2004

On 6/18/2004 12:26 PM, AIX Gaming wrote:

> "There is nothing like low crawling through the Elephant Grass to take that
> one snipe shot and then fading back into the grass undetected :)"
> With the current kill cam hard enabled, there's no such thing as
> undetected.  You might as well stand up and wave a big flag telling
> everyone where you are.  I'm glad it's in the 1.1 patch but the person who
> left this in the original game at all should have their cookies taken
> away.

I posted on the forum about this, and a solution was suggested. I know 
this worked before the 1.02 patch, although last time I looked I think 
it wasn't working. Anyway, it's worth a try:

Make the following settings in your serversettings.con:

game.ServerFreeCamera 1
game.freecamerabasespeed 0
game.freecameraslowspeed 0
game.freecamerafastspeed 0

When you die, you get free camera (and so the killer is not identified). 
Since the speed is set to 0, you can't move to look around.

I'm interested to know if this still works. I haven't had time to test 
it lately.


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