[bf1942] OT: please have a look at this, DICE Canada, resp. ANDY (or: Is this list still active?)

Craig Kaiser scumbucket at cox.net
Fri Jun 18 12:46:04 EDT 2004

Well thanks Andy for the updated information and I prefer this list for
information. Though I cruise the forums as well.

It has helped me whenever I needed it. And the other server ops have been

Vietnam rocks and my club enjoys every minute of it, Lee your missing out
big time. Rome was not built in a day nor was BF1942 if you remember.

Sure it might not be perfect, but it is not a flop either! Our server is a
huge success and I for one appreciate this game.

We have ran a server since a day before the release of the game to the
players (Server files were released first). I hunted all over my city the
first day it was released so that I could play on my server

Since I purchased it on day one of its release, I have not looked back with
any regrets. Vietnam is in my opinion, is far more superior game than

There is nothing like low crawling through the Elephant Grass to take that
one snipe shot and then fading back into the grass undetected :)

I look forward to the future of Vietnam and so does my teammates.

You see we are not a business, but a club that has been around since 1998,
and we left Valve to try out a new game called BF1942 and we have been very
happy thus far.

Again thanks Andy!


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