[bf1942] OT: /proc, top, ps broken in some linux kernels?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Thu Jun 3 08:41:17 EDT 2004

Thanks for that Luca good to see we're not the only one. I've been talking
to the coder of top / ps and there may well be a kernel patch out there
to fix this but it will mean more load in general is it will add cycles
to each context switch. If I find it I will report it.

    Steve / K
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> I have the same problem running kernel 2.4.20 of a Slackware distro.
> I've tried several machines XP1700+, XP1800+, XP2000+, XP2500+ and XP2800+ 
> and also some PIII and P4. I noticed the same stange thing, some servers as 
> for example MOHAA, COD, BF1942, BFV, HLDS won't show the real CPU usage 
> while the machine has a low CPU load, other servers as Q3, SOF2, ET, JKO 
> and JKA seem to show the real CPU usage.
> A lot of server as you said show a 0% of cpu usage (also in proc) but they 
> are really using more than 0 (of course). I've noticed that if the load of 
> the machine reaches a certain value things stats to show up as they really 
> are. I was running a server of COD of 18 players on an XP1700+, the cpu was 
> usually 0% but of course it wasn't the truth. I've also turned on on that 
> machine a Q3 server and had the following. When the q3 server was full the 
> cpu usage of the COD server was the one supposed to be that was for full 
> 18/18 60% of cpu. 60% of COD plus around 25% of Q3 wich means 85% of load 
> of the machine. It seems that for a strange mechanism the kernel is not 
> able to identify the real CPU usage of certyain processes till the CPU is 
> heavilly loaded :(
> BF1942 and BFVietnam for example will show a very low cpu usage untill they 
> start to be crowded, let's say at least 14 players, at this point I'll 
> notice a probable CPU usage starting from 20-25% depending on the machine.

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