[bf1942] BF Vietnam v1.1 released

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Wed Jul 28 13:31:36 EDT 2004

On 7/28/2004 10:14 AM, Andy Berdan wrote:
>     - Added an option to force team switch at the end of a round.

Very nice!

>     - Dedicated server can choose between death camera options of
>       orbit/reveal killer/free cam.

"orbit" meaning, the killer is not identified?

>     - Password-reserved slots added to dedicated server.
>         game.serverNumReservedSlots <#>
>         game.serverReservedPassword "somepassword"

Has this been tested when the server is full? At least with the BF 
engine, there were problems with reserved slots if the server was full. 
On map change, all users would be prompted for the password, whether 
they were in a reserved slot before the change or not. AFAIK, this has 
not yet been fixed in BF.

>     - Option to disable the Flag Warning mini-map icon added.

Woohoo! Thanks for listening to the feedback :)


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