[bf1942] Petition for BF1942!

Reinder Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Wed Jul 28 13:20:05 EDT 2004

Don't get me wrong here, I don't argue on behalf CS on the list (I don't
care about it either, I like DoD more, but that's besides). However, my
point is that there had been a continuous flow of update and anti cheat
patches from Valve on the HL engine, even though they were programming on
the sequel.

I bought BF1942 right in the beginning, knowing there was a great potential
in it. My guess was this game, handling up to 64 players, and a great
gameplay would in the end defeat the HL based mod's...

However, While I still run both steam and legacy HL instances (totaling 4
active servers) on a single box with pretty good performance (the lag there
is, is mostly caused by some shitty routers) BF never pulled it. I bought a
game so I could support something that should have been a great game, and at
least had the potential. Why then is it the 'nix servers just don't run like
they should? Even though there are issues, there are no patches released. I
see no info coming on 42. All there is talk about is Vietnam, that I don't
have. I'd like to be able to host the games I buy, but the funding runs out
fast if I have to buy every damn update there is... which I understand from
this discussion isn't even an update, but a backdate because it's written on
old code. If there was decent support with updates and optimization, I'd be
glad to support BF42 on my servers, but since it neither performs, nor keeps
up to date, I'd rather have a filled 30 player DoD server instead.

The Game's great - client side, 
the server and support (and perhaps netcode) aren't... Pitty.

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In the end, it all comes down to user base. AFAIK most of the CS players are
young kids who have little to no knowledge of PC's/ servers or if they have
can't be bothered with these minor details, so they're less likely to
complain, because they'd have no clue what to complain about ( except lag
ofcourse ;) ). Secondly, this is the BF list, so there are few CS admins
here to talk about CS issues ( which IMO they shouldn't as it's way off
topic here ;) ).

Anyway, my 0.02


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